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Bizzy Buddies
Bizzy Buddies
Bizzy Buddies
"The Bizzy Buddies" are all the little characters hopping around inside my head… and trying DESPERATELY to get out! - Lorraine Day

"The Bizzy Buddies" is a humorous, illustrated soap-opera, featuring Humans, Aliens, Animals, Insects... even Plants! (this website is under construction - temporary text and pics)

These stories examine the dark underbelly of behavior, exploring the universal themes of greed and self-absorption... a veritable "social soup" of attributes, foibles and proclivities.

The drama takes place in Allium County, the ("Leek-Growing Capital of the World!") a farming community being encroached upon by modern life. It's the saga of the Tuckus Family and the battling Tuckus Twins... fraternal twin brothers Tommy and Troy whose only thing in common is their loathing for one another. The proverbial "match on the powderkeg" is their mother, Ma Tuckus, the cat-crazy land-baron family matriarch.

A series of illustrated stories is currently in development.

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