A Mess in the Nest humorous illustrated story Bizzy Buddies Lorraine Day

A Mess in the Nest illustrated humor The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator Lorraine Day Snail's Pace Productions

Bizzy Buddies - A Mess in the Nest - Snails Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies - Snail's Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies

Boris is older now, and his brothers and sisters fly from the nest to places far away. Boris tries to fly too, but ends up crashing and breaking his leg! He stays in the nest to recuperate, and finds that he likes being fed and pampered and spoiled while his leg heals.

A new clutch of eggs joins the family, and when they hatch Boris has to compete with the newborn chicks for his parents' attention (and food). Dirty laundry and rotting garbage piles up as Boris lounges around all day! Even though Boris' leg has healed, he seems to be in no hurry to leave the nest.

Is Boris lazy or is he afraid to take a risk? When his brothers and sisters return for a visit, Boris realizes how much adventure he's missing by constantly clinging to the comfort of the nest. Taking risks can be painful, but not taking risks can be painful too!