The Adventures of Supermom humorous illustrated story Bizzy Buddies Lorraine Day

The Adventures of Supermom illustrated humor The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator Lorraine Day Snail's Pace Productions

Bizzy Buddies - The Adventures of Supermom - Snails Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies - Snail's Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies

Jane Tuckus feels like all the excitement of life is passing away from her. Everyday it's the same... working, crying kids, cooking meals.

In her daydreams she fantasizes that she has "super powers"! She is everywhere, seeing everything, healing bleeding wounds, kissing away boo boos, drying tears with a blink of an eye. Her children are clean and perfectly behaved, her teenage son Jake makes intelligent choices, her husband Troy isn't complaining and angry (yeah, right!). Everything is perfect in Jane's imagination.

Her kids start to notice that something is different with their mom. and start to suspect that something "strange" is happening... is she a superhero in human disguise?