The Uptown Cheetah humorous illustrated story Bizzy Buddies Lorraine Day

The Uptown Cheetah humorous illustrated story featuring The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator Lorraine Day

Bizzy Buddies - The Uptown Cheetah - Lorraine Day
Bizzy Buddies

Chas is the only (and lonely) cheetah at the Bizzyland Zoo. Chas misses his family, especially his mother. One day he finds a stuffed cheetah toy on the ground, and believes he has found "his brother". He accidentally escapes from the zoo while trying to find the owner of the toy, and gets lost wandering around the city.

Meanwhile, Chas manages to dodge the zookeeper who is looking for him. While hiding in the park he thinks he's found his mother when he sees a lady wearing a cheetah print coat, and he follows her home. She helps him hide from the zookeeper in her luxury penthouse apartment. Chas is pampered with three gourmet meals a day, and his new human "mom" takes him to (or sneaks him into...) special events such as the theatre, operas and fancy dinner parties. Despite the fun (and food) Chas realizes that this is not really "home".