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Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions Selantra Gordon

Selantra Gordon Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions Lorraine Day Writer Illustrator

Selantra is an enigma... an alien to those who know her (and downright strange to those who don't). A fifteen-year old newcomer to Leekville, she never feels like she fits in... until she finds her "soul-mate"!

Selantra's family is in turmoil... her mother Callie has recently left the family home to pursue her dream of becoming an opera singer. Her dad Roland is busy with his CPA firm and cooking up financial schemes with his new best friend Tommy Tuckus. Selantra finds herself more and more in demand as the family babysitter. She finds solace in her guitar... and in dreaming of better things to come!
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