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Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions Barley Tuckus

Barley Tuckus Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions Lorraine Day Writer Illustrator

Poor Barley feels like he can't do anything right... especially when it comes to his dad. They are complete opposites. Barley is a peaceful, vegetarian pacifist who wouldn't hurt a fly. His dad is a stressed-out individual who'll go crazy with the fly swatter if he sees just one bug.

Barley feels more in common with his Uncle Troy, the farmer, than with his own father (and much to his father's resentment)

Barley feels so misunderstood... like an alien on this planet,
Bizzy Buddies
like a part of him is "missing". He finds himself thinking more and more about his deceased mother, who passed away when he was only three years old.