"Jake's Greatest Skate humorous illustrated story Bizzy Buddies Vuja De Day

"Jake's Greatest Skate humorous illustrated story featuring The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator Vuja Day Snail's Pace Productions

Bizzy Buddies - Jake's Greatest Skate - Snails Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies - Snail's Pace Productions

Jake Tuckus's arrogance and stupidity get the better of him when he shows off his skateboarding "skills" on Cemetery Hill and ends up in the hospital!

His cousin Timmy Tuckus was able to videotape the entire event and post it online where it draws MILLIONS of views, making Jake an "overnite sensation". Jake gets a private hospital room, lots of attention, visitors and gifts... not to mention all the green jello he can eat! Everything is so enjoyable that when Jake is ready to be discharged, he feigns more "illness" to prolong his hospital stay.

All of a sudden, being in the hospital isn't so fun anymore. His parents hire a tutor for him. He loses the private room to an elderly, chronically complaining roommate. The doctors can't figure out what's wrong with Jake and decide to do "open brain surgery" on him anyway...