"Grandma Wants a Tattoo Too humorous illustrated story Bizzy Buddies Vuja Day

"Grandma Wants a Tattoo Too illustrated humor The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator Vuja Day Snail's Pace Productions

Bizzy Buddies - Grandma Wants a Tattoo Too - Snails Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies - Snail's Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies

Tommy and Troy finally call a truce and want to celebrate their newfound brotherly love by going together to get tattooed. This makes Ma come unglued! Even though her sons are adults, Ma rants and raves... she doesn't like tattoos.

When Tommy and Troy drive to the tattoo parlor, Ma angrily follows them and causes an embarassing scene at the Leekville Mall! But after she sees all the brightly colored and flamboyant tattoos... she wants one too. In fact, Ma wants TWO tattoos!!