"Pleasant Facade Estates humorous illustrated story Bizzy Buddies Lorraine Day

Pleasant Facade Estates humorous illustrated story featuring The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator Lorraine Day

Bizzy Buddies - Pleasant Facade Estates Lorraine Day
Bizzy Buddies
Bizzy Buddies

Tommy Tuckus sold his half of the inherited Tuckus Farm to real estate developers. Tommy made a TON of money in the deal! The real estate developers then came in with bulldozers, tractors etc and mowed down the rural farmland and put up McMansions in a subdivision called "Pleasant Facade Estates".

Tommy buys the biggest house on the highest hill in Pleasant Facade Estates. Meanwhile, Tommy's estranged fraternal twin Troy keeps his half of the farm, trying to eke out an honest living as a farmer.

Things really begin to boil when both Tommy and Troy decide to run for Allium County Supervisor... on opposing party platforms. blah blah blah blah... more to come