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Cosmo Szabo Spitcoin Efeareum Cryptic Currency Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies

Cosmo, the child prodigy, is quite adrôit at buying and trading cryptic currency, purchasing his parents a McMansion in Pleasant Facade Estates with his Spitcoin and Efeareum
Spitcoin cryptic crypto currency Bizzy Buddies
earnings. He makes a fortune in Embesla stock and selling NFTS, as well as cryptic mining and running a server farm.

Cosmo is also a hacker and develops a browser where a web user can supposedly surf the Deepest Darkest Web online anonomously. The browser is called the LOR Browser (Leeky Onion Router) because it still has a few leaks in it... which eventually leads to the "WikiLeeks" scandal involving Senator Dick Tate, head of the Federal Energy Commission of Environmental Studies (FECES). More about Cosmo Szabo »»»