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TakaLeeks humorous illustrated story featuring The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator

Bizzy Buddies - The LOR Browser Lorraine Day
Bizzy Buddies

Cosmo Szabo, the child prodigy (and Littler's good friend) develops a browser where a web user can supposedly surf online anonomously. It's call the LOR Browser or Leeky Onion Router... it still has a few "bugs" to work out. The development of the LOR Browser is the catalyst for the cataclysmic "WikiLeeks Scandal"!
Bizzy Buddies

The LOR Browser becomes popular for people surfing The Deepest Dark Web, which piques the interest of County Uber Security Surveillance (CUSS). Cosmo, and his fellow surfers, are being watched...

Jake Tuckus starts hanging out with Cosmo when Jake's hot step-cousin Leaza gets a gig working as Cosmo's baby-sitter. Cosmo teaches Jake all about investing in cryptic currency and Null-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and surfing the Deepest Dark Web. Uh oh!